Adventure City is the perfect place for adventure seekers of all ages in Anaheim. You can enjoy seventeen different attractions, including a petting zoo and live shows. There are also plenty of rides to keep you busy – no matter what your age or interests may be.

The theme park has two acres of land and includes several attractions that are both historical, like its 1938 mini-train called Adventure City Express Train. The other is more modern: A carousel with 20 horse figures dating back to 1946.

A great place for children or adults alike will be happy traveling through this wonderful world where anything can happen at any time – sometimes even without warning, you’re in danger until it’s too late.

Adventure City has been a theme park since it first opened its doors to visitors over 70 years ago. Over time, many different types of attractions have come and gone, but one thing that remains constant is how much fun you can have on The 1950s Tree Top Racers roller coaster. In 2015 they replaced this classic with an even newer shuttle ride called Rewind racers which will give your family a chance for some good old-fashioned memories while making new ones together to boot.

The best way to enjoy a day at the park is by exploring every corner and trying all of its rides. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re looking for an exciting thrill or just want some beautiful scenery on your vacation.

There’s so much to do in Adventure City. There are other attractions at this park like an arcade, children’s theater, and petting farm. But if you want a real adventure, go climb Mount Adventurous, where they have rock-climbing walls that will make your adrenaline pump hard while giving equal amounts of thrill from being up high or sliding down some loose dirt slopes on one side then landing safely again just ahead after each slide.

At Adventure City, you can have an amazing time with your friends or family members. The small amusement park offers plenty of activities for everyone who visits. You will enjoy rollercoasters that are both thrilling and educational as well; there are also live animal shows which make this place really special, than just another theme facility in the area.

Situated at 1238 S Beach Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92804, Adventure City is a one-stop destination for all your adrenaline fixes. You can soar through the sky on aerial rides, go heart-racing roller coasters and thrilling attractions or play fun games at their arcade while petting animals like pigs, sheep & chickens.

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