S El Camino Real / E Ave Magdalena is a suburban neighborhood in San Clemente, California, classified as such because of its high population density.

If you’re approaching or have reached retirement age, the S El Camino Real / E Ave Magdalena neighborhood in Los Angeles is an excellent option for you to consider for high-quality retirement living. As one of the top 8.2 percent of retiree-friendly areas in California, this community offers residents peace and quiet, safety from crime, as well as a wide range of housing alternatives from which to select, making it an excellent choice for retirees. Because of these features, it’s possible that a high proportion of the inhabitants are college-educated seniors, blended with residents of other age groups, in this community. As a result of these and other factors, this neighborhood has emerged as a top-tier location to consider if you are considering or preparing to retire in California.

The S El Camino Real / E Ave Magdalena neighborhood boasts a higher concentration of persons of Iranian and Arab descent than almost any other neighborhood in the United States. In actuality, Iranian heritage is represented by 1.1 percent of the neighborhood’s people, and Arab ancestry is represented by 3.0 percent.

The neighbors in the S El Camino Real / E Ave Magdalena area in San Clemente are upper-middle class, making it a neighborhood with a higher income than the norm in the city. The median household income in this community is higher than the median household income in 80.5 percent of the neighborhoods in America. The rate of childhood poverty in this neighborhood is also lower than the national average, with 4.3 percent of children seventeen and under living below the federal poverty line, compared to 74.3 percent of all American neighborhoods.

In the S El Camino Real / E Ave Magdalena area, executive, managerial, and professional jobs account for 52.5 percent of the working population, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Sales and service positions, ranging from major sales accounts to working in fast food restaurants, are the second most prominent occupational group in this neighborhood, with 20.7 percent of the population employed in sales and service activities. In addition, 15.7 percent of the population is working in administrative, assistant, and tech support occupations, with 10.5 percent employed in manufacturing and laborer occupations.