Tustin is a city that has been growing rapidly in recent years, and Browning is one of the neighborhoods it’s created. The median real estate price here ($903 339)is higher than anywhere else around Orange County – but don’t worry because California still maintains its famous mid-century housing stocks.

The Browning neighborhood median real estate price is more expensive than 70.1% of California neighborhoods in and 93.0% of U.S neighborhoods.

The cost of renting a home in Browning can be quite high. The average rental price here is $4,094, and this makes it the highest-priced neighborhood and higher than 87% of California neighborhoods.

The Browning neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for an apartment with medium-sized bedrooms and lots of space. There are plenty of single-family homes as well, but most people want the convenience that comes from living in apartments rather than houses.

The Browning neighborhood is a place where you can find both newer homes and older ones. While many residents still live in their original houses, there is plenty that has been remodeled or renovated over time, so they don’t look like ancient ruins anymore.

When it comes to real estate, the people of Browning have a lot going for them. Vacancy rates in this area are low compared with most other American neighborhoods, and there may be some demand behind that; after all, we can’t say for sure exactly how much either price changes or new construction will affect housing prices here at home.

The vacancy rate for real estate in Browning is 6.5%, which is lower than one will find among 63% of American neighborhoods, and the demand for property here may be above average when compared to other areas across America – this could mean price increases or new construction on residential products are needed by homeowners currently living within its borders.

The Browning neighborhood in Tustin is one of the few neighborhoods that have nearly all its homes built in a specific time period. This means it has more newer, less ancient real estate than other areas around town. While most neighborhoods have a mixture of ages, the Browning community is unique in that it was built almost entirely during one time period – 1970 to 1999. This makes its residential real estate establishment an established but not old housing mix.

It turns out that Browning has one of the highest concentrations in America for people with West Indian and Asian ancestry.