Camino De Estrella / Camino Capistrano is a residential area in the city of San Clemente, California, United States.

Camino De Estrella / Camino Capistrano real estate is mostly comprised of medium sized (three or four bedroom) to small (studio to two bedroom) townhomes and single-family homes, with a few larger (five or six bedroom) properties. The majority of residential real estate is occupied by a mix of owners and tenants, with the exception of a few vacant lots. Houses in the Camino De Estrella / Camino Capistrano area are established but not old; many were built between 1970 and 1999, making them a good example of mid-century modern architecture. A handful of residences have also been constructed between the years 2000 and the present.

In the Camino De Estrella / Camino Capistrano area, the number of vacant homes is 4.2 percent, which is lower than the national average of 79.0 percent for American neighborhoods. This neighborhood’s demand for real estate is above average compared to the rest of the United States, which may indicate a desire for price rises or the construction of new residential product in this community.

Many individuals fantasize about living on a street that is lined by row houses or other attached residences, and this is not uncommon. Such locations are frequently brimming with alluring qualities. This neighborhood, which includes the around Camino De Estrella / Camino Capistrano intersection, may be your heaven if you are one of these people. Due to the fact that 40.1 percent of the homes and real estate in this community are rowhouses or other attached residences, this neighborhood is bursting with opportunities to locate the perfect spot for you. It is one of the most remarkable aspects of this unique neighborhood because just 1.9 percent of all U.S. neighborhoods have as many row houses as this area.

The Camino De Estrella / Camino Capistrano area has more people of Danish and Armenian origin residing there than almost any other neighborhood in the United States, according to census data. Yes, this is correct! In reality, 2.2 percent of the population of this neighborhood are descended from Danish ancestors, and 0.7 percent are descended from Armenian ancestors.

The Camino de Estrella / Camino Capistrano is also noteworthy for its linguistic distinction. Significantly, 1.8 percent of the city’s citizens aged five and up speak primarily German or Yiddish at home, according to census data. However, while this may appear to be a small number, it is greater than 96.4 percent of all communities in the United States.