Casa Bonita is a small yet quaint neighborhood in Santa Ana with an amazing vibe. This community has some of the best restaurants and shops around. If you’re looking for something close by that will make your heart sing too, then look no further than Casa Bonita – it’s just perfect.*(compared to other neighborhoods).

Casa Bonita offers residents a genuine urban-suburban mix feel, and most of them rent their homes. There are many parks in the neighborhood, making it an ideal place for outdoorsy types.

Residents of Casa Bonita have a reputation for being liberal. The town’s public schools are also above average, making it an excellent place to live with children who want high-quality education without having their wallets width by higher taxes than other places in Santa Ana would require them to.

Casa Bonita is a great place to live if you’re looking for an affordable neighborhood with plenty of green space and low crime rates. This Santa Ana area ranks better than 33% of its surrounding neighborhoods, making it one-of-a-kind.

The Cost of Living in the Casa Bonita neighborhood is 16% lower than the Santa Ana average, 19% higher than the national average. Housing there only costs 32% more than what you would expect for your location and has many amenities to offer.

The Casa Bonita area is a safe haven to live in in Santa Anna. The violent crimes rate in this city equals that of the national average, and you have about one chance per 40 people here becoming victims – which makes it safer than 97% of other cities across California.

Casa Bonita is a small town with an average income per capita that’s 59% lower than the national average. The median household income in this Santa Ana neighborhood is also 7% lower than the national average.

The male median earnings in Casa Bonita are 41% higher than the female median. The unemployment rate here is 37% lower than the national average and while the poverty level is equal to the U.S. average.

This Santa Ana neighborhood has everything that residents need, including schools and shops nearby, but it’s also close enough to big city life for those looking forward to more public transportation options. Also, here people can enjoy hiking trails through pristine oak forests or go horseback riding across open fields full of horses ranging in color from browns, grays, blues, or greens. However, when we narrow it down to real estate, this neighborhood has a median home value of $422,700, and residents pay a median rent of $1,557 per month.