Casa de Santiago is a quaint neighborhood in Santa Ana, California, with an interesting history. It’s located just minutes away from downtown and all of its amenities that provide for relaxation.

The people who live there are friendly too; they’ll be happy to answer any questions about where things are located on the property – because this place has everything your heart desires: groceries stores which offer organic produce at affordable prices as well–and even more importantly dental services including braces treatment options.

In the cozy, safe community of Casa de Santiago, one is surrounded by coffee shops and parks. Residents enjoy a sparse suburban feel in this Spanish-style villa, with most owners owning their homes.

In Casa de Santiago, many young professionals and retirees live, and residents tend to have moderate political views. The public schools are above average for the area as well; it’s not uncommon at all that families move here knowing full-well about this desirable neighborhood with great facilities.

Casa de Santiago is a beautiful, safe neighborhood with an average livability score that ranks 4th in Santa Ana and the 407th ranked out of all neighborhoods within California. This area offers better living conditions than 43% percent of its surrounding areas.

The cost of living in the Casa De Santiago neighborhood is 26% than the Santa Ana average and 77% higher than the national average. The prices for housing are 227% more expensive as well, making it a very costly place to live if you don’t have money saved up or can afford an annual salary that equals two times what most people earn here.

You’re safer in Casa De Santiago than 88% of the cities in California. The crime rates are 57% lower, and violent crimes are 56% lower than the national average. You have one chance out of 100 to become a victim here.

In Casa De Santiago, the median household income is 134% higher than the national average. The area has an excellent economy and lots of opportunities for those who are willing to work hard. The income per capita is 22% higher than the national average.

The median earnings of men in this neighborhood are 41% higher than women. The unemployment rate in the Casa de Santiago neighborhood is 197 percent greater than the national average, and poverty levels also compare closely with those nationwide.

The school in Casa De Santiago is doing an excellent job. The test scores are equal to the national average, and 91% of residents there have completed 8th grade, 90 percent high school, and 45% bachelor’s degree.