Cavanaugh Rd / Belquest Dr Neighborhood of Lake Forest California

According to Neighborhood Scout’s unique study, the Cavanaugh Rd / Belquest Dr neighborhood of Lake Forest, California is a great place to live for college students. The site is excellent for college students because of its walkability, low crime rate, and many college students already reside there. As a college student, you’ll note that the enthusiasm here changes throughout the year.  This area, despite the excitement, offers an above-average safety rating for parents of college-age children. Each of these factors contributes to the neighborhood’s ranking as one of California’s top 3.3 percent of college-friendly places to live. In addition to being an excellent place for students, this area is also ideal for families with children in elementary or middle school.

According to Census data, the Cavanaugh Rd/Belquest Dr neighborhood contains more Armenian and Eastern European descent residents than virtually any other neighborhood in the United States.  Armenian and Eastern European descent make up 2.1 percent and 1.6 percent of this neighborhood’s population, respectively.  Language-wise, Cavanaugh Rd / Belquest Dr is one of the most exciting intersections. 0.6 percent of its population aged five and older speak Japanese as their primary language at home.

From the highly rich through the middle class to the poor, the level of wealth in an area significantly impacts its unique character. The percentage of individuals, particularly children, who fall below the federal poverty line is just as crucial as the percentage of people who do. It is possible to see significant child poverty rates in the local neighborhood around some affluent gated communities, suggesting additional socioeconomic problems.

The Cavanaugh Rd / Belquest Dr neighborhood in the city of Lake Forest, CA has both high and low levels of income and poverty. For the 15th wealthiest area in America, Cavanaugh Rd / Belquest Dr in Lake Forest’s Cavanaugh Rd / Belquest Dr neighborhood. Using Neighborhood Scout’s proprietary study, 91.1 percent of the United States communities have higher incomes than this one. Children under 17 residing in this area had a lower percentage of poverty than in 55.8 percent of America’s communities, 10.7 percent. Having many enlisted military men in a neighborhood has a profound effect on its culture. If most of your neighbors work in the clerical or managerial fields, this can have an impact.