The people in this part of Costa Mesa have a way of life worth highlighting. They live on the cliffs above California’s beautiful coast, and they enjoy all sorts of attractions to keep them busy throughout any weather, condition, or time.

When most people think about a neighborhood, they notice how it looks and its particular character. For example, you might feel like your surroundings were from an entirely different period or that multiple languages are being spoken next door as soon as these two things come into view in any given area for those who know what to listen for.

Cliff Haven is an urban neighborhood located in Costa Mesa, California. This neighborhood has every type of house you are looking for, whether you’re looking for a three or four-bedroom place. The townhomes range from studio apartments that only require one bathroom up to two-bedroom homes with private yards and gardens at the back door.

The neighborhood is a great place to call home because it has so many different structures. Renovations and additions are common in this part since most properties here were built between 1970-1999, but there have been some newer constructions.

The cost of renting a home in Cliff Haven is on the higher end, but it’s worth considering for those looking to live paycheck-to-paycheck. The average rental price here currently stands at $3;739 – which isn’t too bad when compared with other areas across California where you can’t find cheaper apartments or houses if desired.

The residents of Cliff Haven take advantage of the convenience and flexibility offered by working from home. In this neighborhood, 13% avoid a commute altogether by utilizing remote workstations instead. This percentage is higher than found in most areas across America. This Costa Mesa neighborhood has some of the highest-income homes in America. According to the analysis and indexing system, the Cliff Haven area is ranked among 15% of most wealthy communities, which reveals that this particular region supports a higher income level when compared with 94%.

The Cliff Haven neighborhood in this city is home to many people who work in high-paying executive positions. 58% percent are employed as managers and professionals, with sales accounting for another 23%. What’s interesting about these statistics? They show just how well educated our workforce here likes its residents.

The ethnic diversity in Cliff Haven is vast. There are many people with English ancestry, and some report Irish roots. The neighborhood also has a sizable population of Mexican descent and Germans and Italians.

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