Fairview Park, situated at 2525 Placentia Ave, Costa Mesa, CA 92628, is a 208-acre public park that has something for everyone. From open fields to rolling hills and tranquil forests, this sanctuary offers beauty in every form. Whether you want some peace & quiet or are looking forward explore nature at your own pace – there’s always an opportunity here waiting just around the corner.

Fairview Park is a hidden gem that offers an endless variety of trails for all types and levels. Whether you’re looking to stroll through the lush green forest or take on some steep hills, there’s something here sure fits your needs.

This beautiful and peaceful spot is perfect for outdoor activities. With miles of trails to explore and serene picnic areas with shaded coves where you can take your ease, this park will leave visitors feeling refreshed yet excited about what they’ve seen.

Fairview Park offers a network of trails that are perfect for walking, hiking, and running. The shady picnic areas with tables provide rest, while the coves offer secluded relaxation in this park full of amenities, including horseback riding opportunities.

The beautiful Fairview Park is a great place for those who love aviation and model making. The large grassy areas offer kite flyers, train riders, or anyone with imagination the opportunity to enjoy themselves while they build models out there under either free flight rule.

Fairview Park is an amazing and great place to hold community-driven events all year round. From the annual Fish Fry, which involves various kinds of entertainment and carnival rides for people in order bust some calories while they have fun; or maybe you’ll notice one of our many other popular activities on their calendar.

Fairview Park is a unique and great place to visit if you have kids if you live in Costa Mesa, or just visiting. It has an extensive collection of activities, which will keep them entertained for hours. In addition, there are plenty of fun climbing structures and play areas inside the park as well on foot outside where it’s not so crowded or hot during summer months when temperatures can skyrocket due to some days being just too warm even though they’re supposed to be winter-like conditions at night time since this area doesn’t get much rain unlike other parts around town but all year round regardless due to its high elevation meaning visitors need sunscreen no matter what season we are talking about.