LAB (Little American Business) Anti-Mall has a place with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating when you need to get out of the heat. There are shops catering specifically for those who want unique items or just enjoy shopping as well.

The creative minds behind LAB Anti-Mall have created a mall where art, not shopping, is king. Located in a restored night vision goggle factory with an array of unique stores and artisanal restaurants that are not typically found at regular malls such as Honey & Butter or The Gypsy Den, this place really does offer something for everyone.

The city of lights is not only a beautiful destination, but it also has an exciting night market. The LAB Anti-Mall hosts many different events throughout the year, including Full Moon Night Market and ‘BLOOM’ – which is SoBECA Festival, in addition to other celebrations like Earth Day Night Markets or Happy Lunar New Year.

This Mall is Not Just for Shopping. The LAB strives, in a mall setting, of course, to offer art lovers something they haven’t seen before. Music fans can fill their shelves with rare vinyl records, while fashion followers may discover the latest trends on any one of these streets, leading into targets that are just waiting outside each doorstep.

LAB stands for loss of ability, and this market has been designed to provide a space where people with disabilities can enjoy themselves without limitations. You’ll find an amazing array of trendy retailers here, such as Urban Outfitters that cater towards your inner hipster – there are also fun little shops housed in vintage Airstream trailers. It hosts events like live music and makers’ markets, so you’re sure not bored anytime soon either.

The LAB Anti-Mall, situated at  2930 Bristol Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92626, is a unique and great place to spend some time if you’re looking for food and drinks in Costa Mesa. There are plenty of restaurants, cafes, or bars that offer something new every day! One must try their Cuban cuisine at Habana – it will change your perspective on what “cuban” tastes like (pun intended). For another unique experience, check out Bootlegger’s, where they brew craft beers just how gravity does its job; then go ahead and finish off with Good Town Doughnuts’ gourmet doughnuts while enjoying one themselves outside under their tree-lined walkway.

Also, LAB Anti-Mall is a cocktail lovers paradise with an eclectic selection of drinks and delicious sushi. If you love cooking, head over to Hana Re for one Michelin star cuisine that will make your mouth water.

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