Dimension Dr / Lake Forest Dr Neighborhood of Lake Forest CA

You can tell a lot about a neighborhood’s character by how it looks and feels when you walk or drive through it. Many researchers have found some interesting aspects of this community. This might cover anything from the housing stock to the sorts of households who call this place home to the means of transportation residents employ.

Dimension Dr / Lake Forest Dr has more new construction homes constructed after 2000 than 95.8% of all communities in the United States do. The fragrance of fresh paint and the appearance of young landscaping almost everywhere you look will give you the impression that this is a newly constructed community as soon as you drive around it. 55.1 percent of the housing stock in this city is newer than 20 years old.

The Dimension Dr / Lake Forest Dr neighborhood near Lake Forest, California, is an excellent area to retire in. Compared to other communities in California, it’s a serene and quiet place with above-average safety ratings, a wide variety of housing options, and an impressive mix of college-educated elders. According to this neighborhood’s score, it’s better for retirement living than 87.7 percent of California’s other communities. If you’re thinking of moving to California to retire, this is a terrific place to start. Also, an excellent option for executives with a high level of education, this area is ideal for active retirees.

More Asian and Iranian heritage persons reside in the Dimension Dr / Lake Forest Dr area than practically any other American community. True story! 31.4 percent of this neighborhood’s population is Asian, and 1.1 percent of the population is Iranian, according to the Census Bureau. Lake Forest Dr and Dimension Dr are both unique in terms of their syntax. 4.3 percent of its five-year-olds and older speak Korean at home, which is a significant number. However, 98.7 percent of American communities have a population that is less than 1%.

The wide variety of communities makes it easy to pick the best suits your needs and desires. Executive, administrative, and professional jobs make up 61.1 percent of the Dimension Dr / Lake Forest Dr. From big sales accounts to working in fast-food restaurants, sales and service positions are the second most common occupations in this neighborhood, with 17.4% of inhabitants employed. Some 14.4 percent of inhabitants here work in assistant, clerical, and tech support positions, while a further 6.8 percent are engaged in manufacturing and labor jobs.