East Side is the best part of Costa Mesa to live in by many people. It’s bordered on one side with a freeway and has plenty else going for it. Bristol Street is northbound, and it leads up towards prestigious offices where you can work hard but enjoy life at lunchtime. On the other hand,  Irvine avenue brings shoppers from downtown shops onto our streets every day, and then there is 16th Street Church-Lovers’ Parking lot–everyone knows that spot.

The diverse range of homes in this neighborhood offers something for everyone. From ancient architecture to modernistic designs, you’re sure to find your perfect match among the brick and mortar structures on offer here.

The cost of living in Eastside Costa Mesa is high, with homes averaging around $1.45 million and taxes at an average rate of about 3%. There are few opportunities for people who live here because it’s so close to Newport Beach, which makes up most of everything that comes into this area economically. But suppose you’re looking specifically at real estate. In that case, lot sizes will vary based on proximity – larger lots are found towards the southern end due mainly to their location overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean beaches close to the neighborhood.

This East Sise Costa Mesa neighborhood is home to some of the most popular restaurants in all of Costa Mesa. Near 17th street, you’ll find a great selection that is sure not only to satisfy your taste buds but will also leave you wanting more. The Triangle is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. The Triangle restaurant is located right across the street.

The Triangle is one of the favorite places to go when you want an outdoor mall with great food and drinks. There are restaurants there, bars for your enjoyment or maybe to pass some time away, plus several shops where you can find everything you require from clothes or shoes down to bellydancing instruments. The mall off Newport Boulevard sounds fun, and it’s definitely worth checking out if you are ever in that part of town.

This neighborhood has plenty of parks, including Jordan Park, which features a 3.5-acre playground and picnic tables for dining while you’re outdoors with your family. The ball fields allow kids to play America’s favorite pastime or take advantage of some free training hours before heading off into their future careers as baseball players. We know how much time practicing can take up when there isn’t enough room left after chores are done. 

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