Avila’s El Ranchito story begins in the kitchen, where Mamá Avila cooked up delicious recipes from Guanajuato that had been passed down for generations. Over time her restaurant grew to 13 locations across Los Angeles and Orange County with customers came not just because they were craving authentic Mexican food but also wanting connection -restaurants like these create communities where people can gather around shared values such as family or work without ever having discussed anything else other than what’s happening in their lives.

Every one of their restaurants is run by a family member who has been trained in cooking and serving food to people just like you. They take great pride in treating customers as part of their extended group, which makes this business something special.

If you are in Lake Forest and are looking for a great burrito and margarita, look no further than the Avila family’s restaurant. The location on Lake Forest Road is owned by Sal (and runs mostly through Monica). They are committed to giving back to their community through events like flavorful fiestas celebrating Cinco de Mayo or volunteering at local charities whenever they can. They’ve got all your favorites- Grande Burritos with fresh ingredients straight out of suppliers’ hands; delicious Margaritas made how you like them.

There are so many reasons to have your next event at the restaurant. They turn any gathering into a memorable fiesta from authentic Mexican cuisine and impeccable service. You can host an event in their restaurant located on Lake Forest or pick up Party Trays To-Go for when you’re on the go – they come fully equipped with enough food that will keep everyone satisfied until their next meal.

Make your next fiesta a success with Avila’s El Ranchito. Pick up the “Party Trays To Go” for any size group. Just lift off and enjoy yourself in this exciting new game of taste-worthy treats that are ready to go at just one quick lid popping sound from you. Call ahead or visit their website today so they can help translate all those flavors into memories worth remembering forever more– because every party deserves its signature flavor without translation necessary.

You will be impressed with Avila’s El Ranchito. They offer the perfect location for your next fiesta. Their friendly staff is ready to serve you and make sure that all of those important events go off without a hitch, including business meetings or showers and birthday parties –there’s something here everybody can enjoy.