Floral Park is a small neighborhood in Santa Ana, California, with an adorable park and lots of green space. The houses here tend to be more affordable than most other areas around town, making it great for people who want something different from what they see every day at work or school. This Flora Park neighborhood has an estimated population of about 5,006 people.

Living in Floral Park, a small city with the feel of an urban suburb and most people renting their homes. There are quite a lot of coffee shops to choose from as well as parks for those who like spending time outdoors or just relaxing after work; it’s not too far away when you need quick access but has plenty going on at home that needs your attention anyway. The public schools here boast above-average education levels, so whether your child will be attending class every day until they graduate high school doesn’t matter-they’ll get top-notch instruction no matter where life leads them because our teachers know exactly what makes each student unique.

Floral Park is a great neighborhood in Santa Ana, with its location ranking as the 1st ranked of all Santa Ana neighborhoods. It’s also better than 72% of other areas around it.

In Floral Park, the cost of living is 9% higher than the Santa Ana average and 53% higher than the national average. It’s also 148 percent more expensive for housing, which makes life here rather costly.

Floral Park has a crime rate 57% lower than the national average, and violent crimes there occur 56 percent less often as well. Additionally, you have only about 1 chance in 100 of experiencing any sort of criminal activity when living or visiting this beautiful town. It’s clear to see why so numerous people love where they live – it really feels like second nature around here thanks largely due to its safety features such as bike theft deterring walls that keep prying eyes out, which makes  Floral Park a safer place to live than 88% of the cities in California.

The Floral Park neighborhood is a wonderful place to live. In fact, the median household income here reaches up above 29% higher than the average American income. Additionally, male median earnings are 41 percent greater than their female counterparts, which means that men who reside within this city have more opportunities for career growth and success while still being able to provide family life with stability too.

The unemployment rate here has been measured at 21%, significantly lower than national numbers. This shows how committed individuals in Floral park enjoy working because they’re confident about finding new jobs should one evaporate.