Situated at 3101 W Harvard St, Santa Ana, CA 92704, USA, the Heritage Museum of Orange County is a must-see for anyone who loves architecture and things from the past. It will bring you back in time to when life was simpler, but also give insight into how we live now as well.

Visit the heritage museum of Orange County, where you can see restored houses and structures from around the 1890s. You’ll be able to take pictures in a beautiful backyard filled with flowers. A visit to this museum will take your Instagram photos to the next level. You’ll find yourself surrounded by beautiful, vintage structures that are perfect for pictures. The Heritage Museum of Orange County has something in store no matter what kind of occasion you’re planning–whether it’s celebrating an anniversary or just looking forward to one (and there will be plenty).

Visit the heritage museum of Orange County, where you can see remnants from history. This is a popular wedding venue that offers an allure of beautiful old houses amidst lush gardens and vineyards.

The heritage museum in southern California is an educational and cultural center that covers nearly 12 acres. The centerpiece of this vast area, which includes several buildings from different decades set amidst extensive floral gardens as well citrus groves, can be found at the Kellogg House – recognizable to teachers throughout Orange County due to its popularity on the field trips over 30 years ago.

The Kellogg House is a Queen Anne-style architectural design built by Hiram Clay Kellogg in 1898. The house has several features that reflect his nautical interest, including an improperly placed chimney and all-glass windows on the first floor, which allows one to see their reflection as well as other people walking outside below them.

The HMOC is home to a variety of educational programs and events, including the Gospel Swamp Farm. The farm was started by local high schools and colleges who lent tools for use on-site or provided produce from their own gardens in order to teach children about nutrition while having fun.

Also, the HMOC is a perfect place for you and your family to enjoy some history. It has an engaging collection, hands-on programs tailored especially towards kids from ages three through ten years old as well as grownups who want something more than just sitting in one room reading about it on their iPhone or computer screen.

The goal of this museum isn’t just to preserve the past but rather make sure it’s accessible so people can learn from our mistakes today – without ever living them themselves (or at least not until after visiting).

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