The Honda Center Anaheim is a premier hockey arena that can also host many other events. It was established in 1993 and has an official capacity of 18,400 people but sometimes even more come out to see their favorite team play.

The Honda Center has been host to many events, and It’s also a great place for concerts. The arena seats over 18 thousand people but can be reduced down during certain times so that more intimate shows are possible on their regular schedules as well.

Honda Center is the home of one NHL team, but it also has an entertainment section that’s perfect for any fan. From concerts and other events to family-friendly skating sessions on ice rink days during wintertime (when there aren’t many hockey games), you’re sure not going to be bored with this place.

The Honda Center has a great atmosphere that is budget-friendly and full of energy. You’ll feel like you were in the middle of all those cheering fans for life.

The Honda Center is a great place to catch the big sporting events, but it also offers so much more than just hockey. You can find concerts from popular bands and athletes on their outside stage or watch America’s favorite pastime: basketball.

Throughout the year, nationally touring concerts also fill Honda Center seats. The venue has hosted a variety of other events like comedy shows and festival performances for both children as well adults looking to enjoy some entertainment on their own time without any kids in tow.

Honda Center is the ideal place to visit if you’re a hockey fan. At this indoor arena, not only can you get an opportunity to watch thrilling games from up close and personal but also other live shows that’ll have your adrenaline rushing throughout your body by their fingertips.

Situated at 2695 E Katella Avenue, Anaheim, California, the Honda Center is a fun and great place to go if you’re looking for something different. You can enjoy watching fun hockey games with your friends, loved ones, or significant other while at the same time seeing some other events that would be worth checking out too, such as concerts by popular artists in addition to there being an ice skating performance.

Cashless transactions are quick, easy, and secure at all Honda Center restaurants. The venue has taken steps in an effort to make sure that people can purchase food with their credit cards or smartphones without having any cash on hand.