The Irvine Blvd / Red Hill Ave community in Tustin, CA, is home to some very wealthy residents. The median real estate price for this neighborhood ($764 874) exceeds that found across most other cities in California or even nationwide.

The Irvine Blvd / Red Hill Ave neighborhood is one of the most expensive in California, with the average rent at $3,285. This cost exceeds that of 72% of other neighborhoods in California.

This neighborhood is an urban one, meaning that it has many large apartment complexes and small businesses. There’s as well quite a bit of green space for residents to enjoy; there are several parks within 1 mile from your house.

The population density in this area makes it perfect if you’re looking not only into living near commercial areas but want easy access onto public transportation as well because Irvine Blvd/Red Hill Ave isn’t too far removed from Tustin Station, which serves bus routes throughout Orange County.

The Irvine Blvd / Red Hill Ave neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for single-family homes and townhomes. The size of your home will depend on how many people are living in it, but typically there are somewhere between two and four bedrooms per building, along with one or more bathrooms each time.

The people living inside these realities will tell you how much joy it brings being able to take out their dogs on walks through one side yard after another while still being close enough that major traffic arteries won’t be blocked by construction when things get renovated near you too.

The Irvine Blvd / Red Hill Ave neighborhood is home to a lot of different types of homes for residents. There are the owners who live in older, well-established homes built between 1940-69; then you’ve got those renters that loaf all day long without doing anything about their hygiene or making sure they don’t leave dirty dishes out because someone else will take care of it when its time (not). And lastly, there are some new build properties too.

The current vacancy rate in Irvine Blvd / Red Hill Ave is 2.4%, which means that there are few homes in this community for sale compared to the demand from buyers here; this has led many individuals to look at apartments or condos elsewhere because they can’t find what they want within their budget range.

When it comes to language, the Irvine Blvd / Red Hill Ave neighborhood is significantly different from most other neighborhoods in America. 5% of its residents, five years old and above, primarily speak Korean at home; this number exceeds 98 percent (98.8%) elsewhere within city limits.