If you live in Lake Forest and enjoy skating or would like to give it a go, then head on over to the Etnies Skate Park in Lake Forest. Located on 20028 Lake Forest Dr, Lake Forest, CA 92630, the park is California’s largest free-skating area with an incredible 62K sq ft (5772 m 2 ) of space for all sorts from skaters who need some open ground under their feet and those looking forward towards trying out new tricks. You’ll want safety gear, though.

With its vast space for skateboarding and rollerblading, there’s no reason not to enjoy this amazing facility. You can use the in-line frames or boards if that is what catches your eye, but be sure you have safety gear because it won’t matter how many fun tricks were trying out without it.

The Etnies Skate Park was built with 1,150 cubic yards of cement. Each yard weighed approximately 4 tons and took 50 people just over 2 months to complete! The construction process also includes 263 days spent on groundbreaking work before ending up with an amazing park that’s open for use today– 121 short days from start to finish makes this project all worthwhile in the result.

The park is a mecca for skating fans. It has been host to some of the most exciting and exclusive rides in all California, including 60 thousand visitors each year– roughly 1 near sell-out game at Angel Stadium plus an additional full house when The Ducks at Honda Center are playing. With 15500 person-hours labor put into construction alone, you can tell this place will be worth your time investment as well; there are 543 feet round metal coping that surrounds us while also protecting from falls or other accidents if you are ever lucky enough to find yourself high up on one those hillsides. And don’t forget about the 622 ft rideable ledge right here, so everyone gets their chance.

It’s hard for any skater not to be impressed when you think about how much reinforcement bar (rebar) is in the park. 92200 linear feet of rebar keep the concrete from bending and breaking. That’s over 17 miles which would stretch down Laguna Beach if placed end-to-end. The total weight here comes out as 4600 thousand pounds or 2300 tons.

The following are some of the rules that must be followed while at a skate park. All users must wear protective gear, including helmets for those who want it and knee pads or elbow protectors depending on what type you use most often during your sessions. It is also important to remember that they require signed waivers before entering.