Located on 28000 Rancho Parkway, Lake Forest, CA 92630, The Lake Forest Sports Park is an 86-acre park and recreation center that opened in 2014. It’s one of Orange County’s largest sports parks with multi-functional recreational facilities and 57 acres dedicated to football fields for the pro or college games.

The new sports park and recreation center have enough sports devoted to sports fields, making it one of the largest in Orange County. The 86-acre facility also houses a multi-functional recreational center with an aquatic park that can be used for swimming or watersports activities like surfing on our large lagoon.

The Lake Forest Sports Park is home to five diamonds for softball and baseball two basketball courts outdoors with seating areas so you can watch your favorite team play in style. There are also soccer fields that offer scenic views as well.

The features of this sports park are enough to keep you active and happy. There are three acres dedicated just for outdoor exercise equipment, eight gazebo picnic shelters with thirty-eight lights each on-field borders making them easy location pick-ups or drop-offs when hosting friends at your home away from school/work–and there are two playground areas too so kids can play without leaving their yard.

The Gymnasium/Recreation Center at the Lake Forest Sports Park is a spacious 27K square foot building that can accommodate 500 people for events. The sports park is a great place for people who like to play organized games on their weekends. It’s also really good if you want an outdoor activity during weekdays because they have lots of fields where all sorts can happen.

If you live in Lake Forest and you’re looking to get in shape, there are plenty of ways at your disposal. You can take advantage of the wide array of fitness equipment available, including outdoor exercise staples like rowing machines and running tracks; they also have three acres worth of common lawns perfect for playing football on a sunny day with friends or family members. Not only does this place offer tons of amenities, but it’s super easy to access thanks to not just one or two picnic shelters that protect users from inclement weather conditions when needed most, making them ideal spots to wait out bad storms while still enjoying some time outside together as well.

The sports park is a great fixture of the community, and its fields are used seven days per week. As of March 2016, 1 800 softball/baseball participants and 1600 soccer players visit this facility each month to participate in their sport. The park also hosts 11 tournaments annually with support from local businesses who want it well maintained for everyone’s enjoyment.

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