Lake Forest is a haven for those who enjoy live theatre, and the Modjeska Playhouse has some great productions that are worth seeing. Located in Lake Forest, California on 21084 Bake Pkwy 104, Modjeska Playhouse is a not-for-profit organization that began as an idea whose seed was planted back at Trabuco Hills High School (THHS) near Mission Viejo.

From a small beginning in high school students, this not-for-profit venue has been entertaining locals and visitors alike for 30 years. The original intention was to put on plays that were being performed elsewhere but eventually turned into something much bigger with many more attractions, including live music performances from some very talented artists.

When three THHS graduates became friends and formed a company together, they never thought it would grow into something so big. These days the performing arts are just one aspect of their lives: acting as students at school, directing plays after graduation, writing scripts for television shows or movies – even teaching other actors how to act.

Modjeska Playhouse is dedicated to bringing the best live theatre experiences through its production and direction. They have been tossing around ideas for years about how they could achieve this goal, but until late 2007 when it became clear that now was an as good time as any else – then all at once, these dreams were put into action.

Modjeska Playhouse is a beautiful theater in the Saddleback Valley named after Helena Modjeska, an actress who also called this area home and whose stage performances were so great they could be seen from afar. The peak on either side of her namesake mountain may not seem particularly dramatic, but it has two peaks that form part of what locals call “The Saddleback Ridge.”

Modjeska Playhouse is an assembly of professionals committed to producing quality performances. The three founding artists were born and raised in the Saddleback Valley. The latter are very aware that there is a need for more cultural arts experiences locally and education about them at their current home venue. The founders made the Modjeska Playhouse ensure that all the talent around Lake Forest can be nurtured right at home.

This is the perfect opportunity to see your favorite performing arts show and get in some quality time with friends or family. You don’t want it to miss. The seating is open, so feel free to sit wherever you want during the performance but be there early for great seats.

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