Muirlands Blvd / El Toro Rd Neighborhood in Lake Forest California

More expensive than 65.4 percent of homes in California and 91.8 percent of the United States, the Muirlands Blvd / El Toro Rd neighborhood in the city of Lake Forest, CA has a median home price of $766,351. Based on Neighborhood Scout’s proprietary study, the average rental price in the area is present $3,244. 74.4 percent of California’s communities are more expensive to rent in than this one. Lake Forest, California’s Muirlands Blvd / El Toro Rd area, has a high population density. El Toro Rd real estate consists mainly of medium- to large-sized single-family houses and modest apartment complexes. Their owners inhabit the vast majority of residential properties.

Many Muirlands Blvd / El Toro Rd area homes were constructed between 1970 and 1999, so they are well-established but not very old. It also built a large number of houses in the years 1940-1969. The current vacancy rate in Muirlands Blvd / El Toro Rd is 3.2 percent, which is lower than 85.0 percent of all U.S. communities. Housing supply in Muirlands Blvd/El Toro Rd is quite limited in comparison to demand. When seeing a neighborhood for the first time, its appearance is frequently the most crucial factor. When you live in a location for a period, you get a better sense of what it is like because of the unique mix of people. It’s a one-of-a-kind community, according to Neighborhood Scout’s investigation and analysis.

Automobiles are standard in American homes. Many people own at least two vehicles, and some even have three or more. Cars are helpful in California not just for commuting and for traveling and shopping in other services. That’s not the case in the Muirlands Blvd / El Toro Rd neighborhood, according to Neighborhood Scout’s data. A lot of the people in this area seem to have a thing for cars. 39.7 percent of homes in this neighborhood have four, five, or more vehicles, according to Neighborhood Scout’s Analysis. In 99.2 percent of American communities, there are more automobiles per family than in this one.

For college students, the Muirlands Blvd / El Toro Rd area is a great option. The location is excellent for college students because of its walkability, low crime rate, and many college students already reside there. As a college student, you’ll note that the enthusiasm here changes throughout the year. This area, despite the excitement, offers an above-average safety rating for parents of college-age children. Each of these factors contributes to the neighborhood’s ranking as one of California’s top 3.3 percent of college-friendly places to live.