Noguchi Garden, based in Costa Mesa, California, is an oasis that has been designed to be not just beautiful but also relaxing and educational. The award-winning Isamu Noguchi Sculpture Garden offers visitors many different experiences through its sculptures as well diverse plant life where they can learn more about environmentalism or even take part in yoga classes.

This magnificent garden was commissioned by Henry Segerstrom in 1979. The 1.6-acre site features ingenious designs that incorporate indigenous plants and materials to represent various geographical characteristics of California, from its coastlines with their rugged shoreline bluffs too high mountain ranges.

Noguchi Garden is an incredible place that features six main sections, each with its own unique theme. These include the Water Source area, which shows how we use this precious resource and what impacts societies around the world if there were no more water available for human consumption or agriculture. These sections include Land Use, Water Use, Water Source, Energy Fountain, Desert Land, and a dramatic centerpiece called The Spirit of the Lima Bean.

The grand entrance to Noguchi Garden is lined with flowers, shrubs, and trees. Visitors can enjoy a self-guided tour of this California Scenario or have one of their employees show them around if they are interested in learning more about how the garden’s designers work for hand in glove with nature while creating stunningly beautiful spaces all within our climate control abilities. This amazing garden is open to the public on a daily basis, and it’s free.

The construction of Noguchi Garden began in the late ‘70s. Now nearly two acres large, it features indigenous and exotic plants as well as flowers or trees that are exclusively grown here for their beauty alone – without any regard to how they might taste.

The Noguchi Garden, situated at 611 Anton Blvd., Costa Mesa, 92626, is divided into a number of distinct areas, including walking paths and fountains. The natural elements in this space create an environment for people to enjoy while also preserving it with care–the flowers grow lushly without being weighed down by too much traffic or human interference.

Noguchi Garden is a hidden gem in the heart of Costa Mesa. When you visit, don’t forget to stop by and get lost among all these beautiful plants. You’ll find that it’s not only refreshing but also gives off an atmosphere perfect for taking photos or just relaxing with friends over food from one of your favorite restaurants nearby- there are so many things here worth seeing everyone will have something different they love about their time spent here.

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