Portola Parkway / El Toro Rd in Lake Forest CA

The median real estate price on Portola Parkway / El Toro Rd in Lake Forest, California is $947,777, which is more costly than 77.0 percent of the communities in California and 94.6 percent of the neighborhoods in the United States. The usual rental price in the Portola Parkway / El Toro Rd neighborhood is present $3,071. The average rental price in this community is more significant than in 70.0 percent of California communities. Portola Parkway / El Toro Rd is a densely populated suburban area in Lake Forest, California.

Small (studio to two-bedroom) to moderate (three or four bedroom) apartment complexes/high-rise flats, as well as single-family houses, are the most common types of real estate on Portola Parkway/El Toro Rd. A variety of owners and tenants owns most of the residential real estate. Many of the Portola Parkway / El Toro Rd area homes are established but not old, constructed between 1970 and 1999. A handful of houses were also built between the years 2000 as well as the present. The vacancy rate for homes and apartments in Portola Parkway / El Toro Rd is 7.8 percent. This figure is lower than in 55.9 percent of the communities in the country, putting it towards the center of the vacancy range.

The neighbors in the Portola Parkway / El Toro Rd area in Lake Forest are upper-middle-class, making this a community with a higher-than-average socioeconomic status. This community has a more significant income than 84.1 percent of all neighborhoods in America. This area has a more substantial percentage of kid poverty than 59.3 percent of U.S. communities, with 17.6 percent of the children living below the federal poverty line.

People in this area speak a variety of languages. These are the languages that most individuals prefer to talk to their family while they are at home. English is the most spoken language in the Portola Parkway / El Toro Rd area, with 64.0 percent of households saying it. Spanish, Indian, Persian, and Chinese are among the other prominent languages spoken in this area.

Residents of Lake Forest, CA’s Portola Parkway / El Toro Rd area most typically identify as Asian in terms of ethnicity or heritage (17.2 percent). There are also a handful of persons of Mexican heritage (16.4 percent), residents with German origins (9.6 percent), residents with Irish ancestry (7.9 percent), and residents with Italian ancestry (6.9 percent), among others. In addition, 27.9 percent of the people who live in this area were born in a different nation than their parents. The majority of residents (79.3 percent) travel alone in a private vehicle to work. Furthermore, many people commute with colleagues, friends, or neighbors to work (16.6 percent). Like in much of the country, many inhabitants in this area find having a vehicle beneficial for going to work.