The Tustin CA Red Hill Ave / Edinger Ave community is a more expensive place to live in comparison with the other neighborhoods of California. This means that homes there are usually worth $848,391 on average, which exceeds rates for 66% and 91% of CA and U.S. neighborhood, respectively.

What’s your rent? The Red Hill Ave / Edinger Aves neighborhood’s average rental price is currently $3,446. That sounds like a lot to me. But compared to the rest of California, the cost of renting in this neighborhood is higher than 75% of California’s neighborhoods.

This neighborhood is a suburban area in Tustin, California. It’s based on population density and has been called the most appealing place to live for its quietude as well as access to restaurants along Red Hill Avenue or Edinger Ave, which makes it easy enough if you’re looking into buying property here.

You’ll find a variety of real estate in Red Hill Ave / Edinger Ave. There is everything from small (studio to two bedroom) apartments, medium-sized houses for 3 or 4 bedrooms with 1-2 baths per floorplan you’re looking at.

The beautiful, diverse neighborhood of Red Hill Avenue/Edinger Ave is home to a variety of housing. There you will find everything from newer construction condos for those who love the amenities it offers all their life long up until century-old houses that have been remodeled multiple times over decades ago without fading away because they know what makes this place so special.

With an 8.3% vacancy rate in Red Hill Ave / Edinger Aves, this neighborhood vacancy rate is lower than 52.8% of all other neighborhoods on the list (which may be expected). Renters will find that they can afford to live here with plenty of space available.

With a higher proportion of homes built from 2000 through today, the Red Hill Ave / Edinger Ave neighborhood stands out as one that’s more modern in its design. The current home construction in Red Hill Ave / Edinger Aved Dale contributes to its uniqueness as one of the most diverse neighborhoods around.

This neighborhood has some of the latest housing developments in town, with 68.5% being newer than other properties around it! In addition to this newness, you’ll also notice that there’s fresh paint smell everywhere and landscaping on every block – which makes for a very youthful look indeed.

You can tell these homes were built just recently because they’re all shiny from top-to-bottom: Newer buildings have lots more surface area than older ones, so even though their exteriors may not seem as appealing at first glance (since we associate age with value).