Located at Lake Forest, CA 92610, the red rock canyons of Red Rock Canyon State Park are a photographer’s dream. The cliffs feature scenic desert landscapes with dramatic shapes and vivid colors that make for some amazing pictures, but this park has more than just aesthetically pleasing features. It also has plenty to offer year-round- from hiking trails along creeks or across wide-open fields (depending on where you’re parked) as well various cultural attractions, including pioneer villages built by Spanish settlers back when they were still exploring America up through today, which show how much our culture has changed over time.

The breathtaking gash in the El Paso mountain range was once home to Native Americans. The Kawaiisu left petroglyphs and other evidence of their inhabitation, which can still be seen today. Visitors will enjoy scenic views with this slot canyon-like formation at its western edge.

The colorful rock formations in this park have been a landmark for 20-mule team freight wagons that stop to get water. The place is also used by footsore survivors of the Death Valley trek, including members from among Bennett and Arcane families and some Illinois Jayhawkers. They made their way here after being driven out or turned around near modern-day Barstow, California.

The park’s floral displays are stunning in the wake of wet winters. The beauty that prevails due to this combination and geologic features make it a camper’s favorite destination for camping or just getting away from it all. Wildlife you may encounter includes roadrunners and hawks and lizards, mice squirrels, among other animals native only.

The campground is a hidden gem in the middle of dramatic desert cliffs. With 50 primitive campsites, potable water, and pit toilets available for visitors to use on-site, there’s no need at all to sanitize your dishes or clothes when you get back from exploring. You can also enjoy some time by the fire with friends while grilling up those last few burgers before dinner.

Hiking in the desert is an experience like no other. The trails meander through a dramatic landscape, and you’ll feel like you are on vacation, even if it’s just for half an hour with all of these amazing natural features around. Make sure to use safety precautions when hiking – bring twice as much water as what feels necessary.

The best way to enjoy a night by the fire is with friends and family, but it’s also possible if you want something more active. Guided nature hikes will be offered throughout fall/winter as well.