The South Coast Repertory Theater was founded in 1964 by David Emmes and Martin Benson. This resident professional theater has been home to many talented actors.

In case you are looking for one of America’s foremost producers and providers, look no further than South Coast Repertory Theater. SCRT is widely regarded as an institution in its own right with its commitment to producing new plays that challenge audiences both on stage and off.

Situated at 655 Town Center Dr, Costa Mesa, CA 92626-1918, South Coast Repertory Theater is committed to the creation of new plays, with a diverse range that includes workshops and readings. The SCRT features an extensive program for world premiere production as well; up to five dramas each season come out from this theater’s residencies in partnership between artists-in-residence there such opportunities offer themselves.

The theater season is a great way to enjoy some high-quality live performance without having to pay full price for tickets. The South Coast Repertory Theater offers several different types of shows, from classical pieces performed by famous musicians in front row seats all the way up next door at their studio space. There’s something here sure worth checking out – no matter what your taste may be.

The theater season at South Coast Repertory Theater runs from September to June, with works drawn from classic and modern theaters. This year they will be presenting a wonderful selection of plays that are sure not only entertain but also teach you something new.

The SCRT strives to provide a versatile and diverse theater experience for its audience with an emphasis on quality production value. They offer both educational programs as well outreach initiatives that help them stay at the forefront of new trends in art culture while also supporting local charities throughout California.

South Coast Repertory offers five different spaces perfect for corporate and nonprofit use. These include the David Emmes Theatre Center with its special event rooms, meeting areas, presentations & receptions; additionally, there is floor space in this historical venue that can be rented at nominal rates.

The five versatile space options for rent at South Coast Repertory Theater include the Segerstrom Stage, the Julianne Argyros Stage, Nicholas Studio, the Lobby, and Ela’s Terrace.

South Coast Repertory Theater’s pay-to-park instructions; For performance/event parking at structures, it costs $12 cash when you come to see a matinee or evening show. You will receive an automated receipt that needs only be shown on exit in order for your payment method (credit card)to be processed automatically. Otherwise, there is no cost associated with non-performance event attendees who want access just like they would during business hours – but don’t forget about those pesky time limits.

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