The Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, situated at 117 Sycamore St, Santa Ana, CA 92701, USA, is a comprehensive museum that features the work of both local and nationally-known artists. The exhibits range from traditional paintings, sculptures to installations, so no matter your interests, there’ll be something for everyone at this unique institution.

This place is a one-stop-shop for all your contemporary art needs. You’ll find here more than 3500 objects with an emphasis on California and Pacific Rim artwork from the 20th century, including photographs, sculptures, old school paintings as well new media like videos installation art or digital animations.

OCCCA is a revolutionary institution that believes in the power of creativity. As an artistic space, it provides opportunities for individuals and collectives to develop their ideas while also facilitating collaboration between artists at different levels within one cohesive culture through various mediums.

The OCCCA is a place where artists can come to think about their practice as research and develop ideas. It’s also conducive for self-organized initiatives, which means you’re able to share any resources or knowledge with other members within the association without worrying too much if they’ll be interested in what you’re trying to offer them.

The importance of social engagement, global networking, and intellectual exchange can not be overstated. The OCCCA strives to provide a platform for these important aspects within our community through events such as conferences that spark meaningful discussion about critical topics while also helping members learn more from each other’s experiences.

This organization recognizes the social and cultural value of artistic experimentation. They serve artists through exhibitions, publicity, and publications to help promote new work in entertainment media across America. They are committed to passing on the tradition of alternative space with new generations, and they’re doing it by honoring those who came before them.

The OCCCA strives to bring cutting-edge art and intellectual frameworks together in a way that is both forward-thinking yet relatable. They present events of all sorts with an ambitious program designed for everyone’s enjoyment–from traveling internationally or simply taking on the streets outside your hometown.

The OCCCA has been providing emerging and established members a forum to explore ideas in contemporary art for over 30 years. The organization promotes experimentation without censorship, which encourages artists’ risk-taking abilities while also preserving their intellectual property rights so they can continue making new creations without restrictions or limitations on what type of artwork is created next.