The Discovery Cube in the city of Santa Ana Orange County is the perfect place for kids who love learning new things. It features over 100 interactive exhibits with hands-on activities like their helicopter tour, Aquavator adventure course, and more.

Discovery Cube is a great place to take children. The permanent exhibits provide information on how things work and why they’re important, while the temporary ones spark curiosity with their superhero theme or other novelties, such as interactive games that teach science facts in fun ways. If you don’t want your kids overwhelmed by all this knowledge, then head over straight away for some souvenirs before leaving – we have everything from mugs (perfectly themed) up t-shirts, soaps fridge magnets.

With a hands-on approach to science education, the Discovery Cube has made an impact on thousands of lives. The cube invites kids into new worlds and challenges them while teaching important lessons about how they interact with their environment – all from within one building.

At Discovery Cube, they’re passionate about helping people discover their inner selves and reach new heights through science. They do this by providing opportunities for exploration that spark innovation in young minds; promoting wellness among students of all ages so they can be prepared to take on life’s challenges as adults; integrating environmental sustainability practices into everything from teaching methods (their outdoor classroom)to lunch packaging materials while also encouraging staff members’ personal investment into these issues too.

In case you’re looking for an interactive experience that will get your child excited about science, Discovery Cube’s original center in Orange County is perfect. For those seeking more knowledge on top of discovery, there is also their newer Los Angeles campus which offers passionate educators ready to assist every inquiry made.

Discovery Cube is committed to providing learners with an immersive and engaging learning experience. This includes offering classes on-site, as well as allowing students access through our educational outreach programs which bring experiences directly into their communities.

Situated at 2500 N Main St, Santa Ana, CA 92705, USA, the Discovery Cube has several sections organized by theme, including Air and Space, Dynamic Earth, Eco-Challenge for those who want to live off the land in a sustainable manner. Other popular destinations include Quake Zone if you are looking at natural disasters like earthquakes or volcanic eruptions; Rocket Lab, where kids can explore different experiments as they go along–and stop by Dino Quest on your way through because this life-size museum really blows away other attractions.