Located in the center of San Clemente, Billy’s Delicatessen offers a variety of delectable deli fare ranging from carefully selected meats and cheeses to freshly prepared salads and soups, as well as fresh seafood and barbecued meats, as well as a selection of specialty wines.

Visitors can either purchase the food and take it home with them, or they can enjoy it outside on the comfy dog-friendly patio, which provides comfortable sitting in a shady, relaxing environment. Every first Sunday of the month, live music and entertainment are provided for the enjoyment of the guests.

In addition to a fresh produce and fruit stand outdoors, the deli offers a unique range of craft beers, ales, and wines from across the world, which can be enjoyed on the patio or taken home.

Billy’s, which opened its doors in 1990, has become a local favorite as well as a popular destination for first-time guests. As reported by the KTLA Channel 5 in 2011, Billy’s Deli was named the Top Alternative Deli in Southern California for 2011. For their sandwiches, Billy’s has also been awarded the “Best of San Clemente” award by the community.

Billy’s was established with the mission of providing consumers with the finest possible experience.. Once clients enter the deli, they are greeted by the employees and taken aback by the actual deli fare that is on offer.

Billy’s Butcher Shop is a full-service butcher shop with butchers that are highly competent and dedicated to their craft. Their knowledgeable staff can assist you in finding the perfect steak, filet, or something a little more adventurous, such as the whole pig you’ve been wanting to roast in the ground Hawaiian style, to suit your tastes and budget.

Billy’s also offers expert preparation and cooking instructions, which are always provided at no charge. Choose from 100 percent choice and prime Black Angus beef, a variety of always-fresh seafood, marinated items ready to grill, fresh pork and poultry as well as festive turkeys and prime rib.

Billy’s carries a huge variety of spices, marinades, and dry rubs, among other things. Their deli Masters are sandwich artists who are well-versed in the technique of making a good deli sandwich from scratch.

With substantial quantities of fresh ingredients, the Deli Master Sandwich is a genuine, handcrafted, created to order, delectable deli-style sandwich with a deli-like taste.