Serrano Creek Park is a hidden gem in Lake Forest, California. The ample green space can be found at the corner of Lake Forest Drive and Trabuco Road behind Heritage Hills Shopping Center. Eucalyptus trees line Serranos Creek for miles to take advantage of your hiking needs or want some peaceful time alone with nature.

The best way to get to Serrano Creek Park in Lake Forest is by taking the 5 freeway and exiting at Lake Forest. After about 1 mile on that road, turn left onto Saddleback Mountain Road (it will be very close if not correct).

When you’re looking for a fun place to climb, look no further than this rustic western setting near horse stables and amidst the eucalyptus grove. Simulated sandstone rocks provide endless opportunities that will keep your child entertained and inspire them with new ideas on how they can get into climbing themselves.

Serrano Creek Park has a walking trail that runs the length of this creek. It starts at Bake Parkway and goes all around town through some really beautiful areas with play equipment designed for kids living in neighborhoods nearby. The western flair makes it feel like you’re actually on your way to see something unique- like horseback riding or maybe even fishing off one of these bridges.

This is a great spot after the rain because you can walk on sidewalks. I also like that there are different routes to explore, which means it’s easy for me when they’re all so beautiful. One of our favorite parts about this trail is how lush and green everything looks compared to dry land nearby- eucalyptus trees give off such strong scents. At the same time, their leaves provide enough shade here at home without any worries about sun exposure or becoming overheated from too much time outside during the summer months.

You can spot plenty of birds on your walk from Serrano Creek Park to Bake Parkway. You will see crows, black phoebe, and hummingbirds as well. You will also love seeing the old oak tree in Serrano Creek Park because it is a beautiful natural wonder that has survived thousands of years’ worth of human activity without losing its beauty or structure.

The walk is designed with accessibility in mind, so there will be trees to block some of the sun even if you’re walking on Serrano Street. But it’s also possible for sky glimpses through them.