Welcome to the most amazing mix of indoor shopping ever. SOCO and The OC Mix have combined world-class purveyors of home furnishings with fine antiques outdoor living fixtures/appliances finishes. This place has it all for those looking forward or trying out something new in their interior design studio – both public customers can find what they need at affordable prices while professionals enjoy our abundance that caters just right, so you don’t feel overwhelmed by choice.

The public can now visit 20 different showrooms, all of which were formerly located in “trade only” design centers. Each location features onsite professionals who are ready and willing to assist homeowners with interior customization needs–no matter how big or small they may be.

SOCO and The OC Mix is the perfect place to escape from your daily life for some time spent exploring new cultures through food. You will find a vibrant selection of restaurants, craft coffee & tea that are sure not only caffeinated but also bursting with flavor; handmade cheeses galore in all shapes and sizes, decadent desserts such as chocolates made by hand every day just for you–and many other delectable items too lengthy here.

Whether you’re looking for some new cooking recipes or just want to learn how food tastes, the SOCO Mix has it all. All under one roof. There are several different workshops and events that take place throughout each week, including: -SOCO Farmers Market, where local farmers sell their produce right next door; Each Saturday, there will be a special lecture on using organic methods in farming, so visit early if possible because space is limited.

Situated at 3313 Hyland Avenue, Costa Mesa, California 92626, SOCO and The OC Mix provide a fashionable fusion of style, shopping brought together in our chic contemporary design. SoCo’s expert stylists help you blend casual looks with sophisticated fashion to inspire your personal anew through their boutique owner’s alchemy that spans apparel for men or women; jewelry + accessories including hats (and babies!), shoes & bags – all at prices everyone can afford.

Go experience the OC Mix, a place where you can shop until your heart’s content and enjoy some delicious food along with it. The over 300K square feet of showrooms are only one aspect that makes this such an enticing destination for visitors from all around.

Visit and experience SOCO, the perfect place to find that one-of-a-kind furniture or decoration piece you’ve been looking for. They offer design lectures by top designers as well instruction in cooking demonstrations, so go see why they’re known nationwide.