The best place to call home in Costa Mesa is South Coast Metro. This neighborhood has been voted the best in Costa Mesa, and it’s not hard to see why. You’ll find many people here who live or work due to its excellent amenities. South Coast Metro has proximity (just steps) to public transportation such as bus lines throughout the town. This neighborhood also has easy access via nearby neighbors, including the communities’ shops, which houses tons of stores – perfect if you need some new clothes while looking fabulous yourself.

The borders for this district are not well defined but generally acknowledged to be W. Sunflower Ave on the north and Baker St with a southern edge at Costa Mesa Freeway. Here you will find both large retail chain stores and smaller, local restaurants located in the many strip malls and shopping complexes.

The South Coast Metro is among the more prominent neighborhoods in Costa Mesa. It’s home to office buildings, hotels, and restaurants, along with shopping for those who want something more than just essential items at their fingertips. The SOBECA District also has plenty going on – you’ll find bars that cater specifically to patrons from overseas countries and getting together where people socialize over drinks or dinner after work hours. There’s always something happening near this area.

If you and your friends are in search of an area to watch your favorite band or plan a grand concert, the South Coast Metro neighborhood also features Segerstrom Center. This 3 thousand seats opera-house-style hall offers dance and music events that everyone can see in this area.

The South Coast Plaza is home to some unique neighborhoods and unique properties. The median price for a single-family house here has been $627,969, which makes it more expensive than other cities around the world with similar living standards but not quite as highbrow or cosmopolitan vibe.

In addition, there are many apartments in this neighborhood. This is because the houses here have a  lower cost compared to what you’ll find locally while also being close enough, so that commute times aren’t too bad either, considering how popular public transportation has become over recent years. This area has a mix of apartment and townhouse complexes and single-family homes, which makes it an attractive place to live in terms of real estate prices.

Wakeham Park is a beautiful, well-maintained park located inside one of the exclusive enclaves in the South Coast Metro. The large open spaces include shelters for outdoor seating and a playing area with basketball or volleyball courts at your disposal.