The Santiago Creek Bike Trail connects the Santa Ana River with Main Street in downtown Orange. The paved multi-use trail is accessible for bicyclists, joggers, walkers, and families to enjoy along this scenic waterway that runs through several cities.

The Santiago Creek Bike Trail provides a scenic, paved trail for bicyclists and joggers to enjoy along the way. The endpoints are at either side of Orange, where it meets with Cannon Street or Santa Ana near Discovery Cube Mall.

The Santiago Creek Bike Trail is a great way to get some fresh air and enjoy the natural beauty of Orange County. This 34-mile long watercourse runs through varied landscapes, including flat floodplains that offer abundant wildlife prey perfect for observing all kinds of birds you can see there.

If cycling isn’t your thing, but hiking makes up instead, then take note because these paths will lead into one another, so make sure not to miss out on going down an exciting adventure by finding more info about what exactly lies ahead first before tackling anything else at hand.

The trail offers a scenic experience for walking, jogging, and biking. Along this trail, you will find four parks with picnic tables where people can enjoy their meal while taking in the natural beauty around them or take a break from exercising to relax under some shaded oak trees. Also, there are two bridges that cross over beautiful creeks, which offer great photo opportunities, too, so ensure not to forget your camera alongside all of those other supplies needed when doing outdoor activities like hiking.

The city’s ten-foot-wide paved trail connects parks, open spaces, and recreational facilities with attractions such as views of the creek’s native vegetation in its natural habitat. There are also 2 bridges that span over Santiago Creek along this scenic urban walk or ride on a dirt shoulder parallel to it, where you can find shaded oak trees providing shade while enjoying your journey.

The 15 official access points along the SBCT include four parking areas. The three parks provide you with ample space to park, water fountains for your convenience, restrooms, and other amenities that could come in handy on any adventure.

Although there is no shortage of parking at The Cannon Staging Area near Santa Ana, CA, it does have one drawback. All other access points offer some form of residential garage spots where you can park and enjoy an afternoon walk with nature on your side. If that’s not enough for you, then try getting into the mall, which seems to be the favorite spot among trail users – but proceed carefully as they’ve got signs posted saying “mall only,” so don’t forget about those before heading off in search of further greener pastures.

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