The median home value in Tustin, the Red Hill Ave / San Juan St neighborhood is $735,000, which makes it more expensive than 56% of neighborhoods in California and 89 percent of those across America.

The cost of renting in this neighborhood is high but not as bad compared to other neighborhoods. The average rental price on Red Hill Ave / San Juan St currently stands at $3K+ per month, which makes it difficult for residents who don’t make much money or own their homes themselves.

The population density in The Red Hill Ave / San Juan St neighborhood makes it an urban setting. This means that this location is close to many major highways, which facilitates accessibility for people who live there as well.

The Red Hill Ave / San Juan St neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for something more compact than most other neighborhoods in the area. Most homes here have two or three bedrooms, but there are also plenty of four-bedroom apartments available as well. This means that even though it’s close enough to everything else around town – schools included; this feel will always keep things family-oriented since kids can play outside without worrying about their own safety when boundaries aren’t defined by streets.

With most residential real estate being renter-occupied, the Red Hill Ave / San Juan St neighborhood has a lot of older homes. Many were built between 1940 and 1969, while others are currently polygonal in shape with brick or concrete walls that date back between 1979 and 1999.

The rental market for homes in this area is tight. The average home vacancy rate sits at just over 7%, which means that there are fewer options available when it comes time to find your next place not only than most other areas across America but also compared with nearby neighborhoods.

This is a great neighborhood for students. In fact, 94% of residents here are currently enrolled in college compared to the average U.S. The Red Hill Ave/San Juan St area has more than its fair share involved with higher education–it’s almost as if they came up with an algorithm that makes these sorts of people thrive.

The Red Hill Ave / San Juan St neighborhood is home to many people who speak Tagalog, the first language of Filipinos. In fact,w 4.6% of its residents, five years old and above, primarily speak Tagalog, which is higher than 97% in America and most other neighborhoods across our country.