The Tustin Ranch Rd / Jamboree Rd community is more expensive than 61.9% of the neighborhoods in California and 89% of U.S. neighborhoods. It’s also more luxurious, with a median home price that reaches up to almost $1 million.

The cost of renting in this neighborhood is currently $3,803, which is higher than 82.6% of the neighborhoods across California, making it an excellent investment for those who want to invest in real estate.

The population density of Tustin Ranch Rd / Jamboree Rd is an indication that this area falls into the city’s urban category. Tustin Ranch Rd is home to a diverse range of living options. From small apartments, townhouses and high-rise apartment complexes, there’s something for everyone in this neighborhood.

Tustin Ranch Rd / Jamboree Rd community is known for its apartment complexes and townhomes. There are a variety of sizes, from the smallest studios to four-bedroom homes with plenty in between.

The Tustin Ranch Rd / Jamboree Rd neighborhood is a mixture of established and new housing. Many residences were built between 1970-1999, while newer ones can be found dating back to 2000 or more recently, so you’re sure not only to find something that suits your needs but also have an option when it comes time for changing life stations.

There are a lot of empty houses in the Tustin Ranch Rd / Jamboree neighborhood. This could be because there is weak demand for real estate here, or it may just mean that new housing has been built and nobody lives at these homes yet- either way, you should check out this area if you want something meaningful.

Tustin Ranch Rd / Jamboree Rd is a quiet, residential neighborhood that has a  vacancy rate of 12.9%, which is well above average compared to other American neighborhoods ( higher than 68%). Most vacant housing here can be found year-round, although new developments may bring temporary vacancies as they fill up.

When you love row houses and attached homes, the Tustin Ranch Rd / Jamboree Rd neighborhood will be your kind of place. The ambiance is something special, with all those built-up streets lined by beautiful properties on both sides for miles. Tustin Ranch Road is known for its large number of row houses and attached homes. The neighborhood has an exceptional proportion (28%) that falls into this category, which makes it one of a kind in America.

Upon exploring the Tustin Ranch Rd / Jamboree Rd neighborhood, it is clear that this area has a lot of high-level professionals. 66% (or roughly one in two) residents are executives or managers, which makes them stand out among their peers for being so uncommon in other parts throughout America.