What can you get for $943,191? A lot of people would say that’s too much to pay. But the N Tustin Ave / Wellington Ave neighborhood in Tustin, CA, is an exception. This area has among the highest median real estate prices out there, and it doesn’t even compare with other nearby areas or cities within California; instead, these more pricey homes are located far away from any big city centers (which makes them easier on our wallets).

The median real estate price in this community is more expensive than 74.8% of the neighborhoods in CA and 94.3% of the neighborhoods in the United States.

The current rental prices in N Tustin Ave / Wellington Ave are $2,756. This means that rents here currently fall below the average price for homes throughout California neighborhoods and is one of the communities where tenants can afford to live comfortably on a monthly basis.

Tustin’s N Tustin Ave/Wellington St is an urban neighborhood located in Tustin, CA. The area has a high population density and combines modern housing with older structures to create unique character lines on either side, making it one part bohemian university town or upper-class suburban service corridor–depending upon how you look at things.

The real estate on N Tustin Ave and Wellington Ave is a mix of single-family homes, apartment complexes/high-rise apartments. The majority are medium-sized three or four-bedroom houses that would be perfect for families looking to make their mark in this neighborhood! There’s also an assortment with Studios through two bedrooms.

There are many older, well-established homes in the N Tustin Ave / Wellington Ave neighborhood. Some were built as early as 1940 and 1969, while others date back even further into history. There are also a few newer construction projects that stand out among this mix of architecture styles: 1979-1999s apartment buildings with brick exterior walls or sleek glass structures on top floors designed by famous architects, all beautifully situated next door to their counterparts who have been around longer than they will ever know.

The residential real estate here has seen plenty over time; some transactions taking place right now involve properties purchased at different points throughout most parts, likely due to buyers’ preferences.

In the N Tustin Ave / Wellington Ave neighborhood in Tustin, California, there are many upper-middle-income residents who make it an above-average income area. In fact, around 73% of neighborhoods have lower median earnings than what is seen here.

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