Urban Grill and Wine Bar is a family-owned restaurant established in 2012 near Lake Forest, CA to offer quality food with an inviting atmosphere. The full bar offers wine by the glass or bottle and cocktails and mocktails for those who do not prefer alcohol; all this, plus great customer service, make it your go-to spot.

Urban Grill and Wine Bar is the perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine or beer with friends while grilling up some tasty food choices. Signature cocktails include options such as Mrs. Kennedy and Bonnie & Clyde so that you can try something new. They also have an extensive list for those who want more traditional favorites like filet mignon- if it’s lunchtime that craving hits, don’t worry about coming here because they serve all day long.

David and Jaylene have always been passionate about food, so it was no surprise that when they bought the Urban Grill a few years ago, their first act would be to open another restaurant known as Cittadina Trattoria. The new restaurant offers exquisite Italian dishes at very reasonable prices, emphasizing customer service. David & Jaylene’s love for cooking is matched only by passion in providing great tasting meals while maintaining affordability – something not an easy feat given today’s high cost of living expenses around town.

When you dine at Urban Drill and Wine Bar, your experience will be unique to any other restaurant. With over 24 years of cooking under his belt and being an expert in wine pairingings, the chef has created a menu that provides food pleasures with unrivaled flavors while also giving guests something different from what they usually get from traditional fine dining establishments.

They are a one-of-a-kind restaurant that’s both affordable and luxurious. They offer gourmet comfort food with boutique wines, and all are served by friendly staff who know their stuff. They understand that your food and service are important to you, so they have spent most of the last few decades in this business. Having worked with some great people who shared their thoughts on what makes for quality cuisine or professional attitude from someone behind a counter is what drives them.

Their menu has something for everyone. From sandwiches and seafood to steak, we offer an exceptional variety that will satisfy your cravings. They work closely with boutique wineries in order to provide only the best wines on our list – you can taste them before making a selection or choose from one of their suggestions if none suit what’s desired perfectly fine too.

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