Walnut Ave / Tustin Ranch Rd neighborhood is a highly sought-after community in Tustin. The median price for real estate in this community has reached $771,375 as compared to other areas around California, which average at 59% more expensive.

Walnut Ave / Tustin Ranch Rd is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Tustin, California. The average rental price in this neighborhood is currently $4290. The rental prices in this area are higher than 90% of other areas in CA.

This is an urban community (based on population density) situated in Tustin, California. The community has a lot of shops and restaurants that are open late hours which makes it very lively at all times.

Walnut Ave / Tustin Ranch Rd is a neighborhood in Tustin, CA, that consists of medium to large-sized single-family homes. The most common type is three or four-bedroom units, but there are also some five+ bedrooms residents can find.

The Walnut Ave / Tustin Ranch Rd neighborhood is a great place to live if you like the idea of an established but not old home. Many homes in this area were built between 1970 and 1999, with some dating back even further. The Walnut Ave / Tustin Ranch Rd neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for newly built or recently renovated homes. You’ll find many modernized buildings with spacious floor plans here, especially on larger lots where stretching out feels like all fun and no work.

When it comes to Walnut Ave / Tustin Ranch Rd, the neighborhood has a low rate of vacancies. This implies that there is an oversupply in this area which depresses property values and makes for tighter housing markets overall across America.

Walnut Ave / Tustin Ranch Rd is a highly diverse neighborhood. There are many people who speak Vietnamese, which makes up 4% of all languages spoken here. This may seem smaller,  but it’s a higher percentage when compared nationally–and that can be important for understanding your neighbors.

Walnut Ave / Tustin Ranch Rd is among the wealthiest neighborhoods in America. This wealthy community has a higher income than almost 92% of other areas within US borders, making it one step away from being part of that elite group who live on top-tier money. In addition to enjoying an above-average education and low child poverty rate likewise, there are very few starving or homeless children here.