Water Damage Inspection and Assessment:
The 1st Step in the Water Damage Restoration Process

What is a Water Damage Inspection and Assessment?

It is the first step in the water damage restoration process, saving time and money by doing it right the first time. This includes inspecting the home or building for water damage and assessing the degree of damage using specialized equipment such as hygrometers and moisture detectors.

At the end of the inspection and assessment, we provide a report for how much time and work needs to be done to complete the restoration. We’ll also give you an estimate of what it will cost to restore your home based on the degree of damage and how much time and work will go into the restoration process.

Why should you have Water Damage Inspection and Assessment Performed?

Having an inspection and assessment performed is crucial for the restoration process. It ensures that any other steps in the process are done correctly, saving time and money by doing it right the first time. Inspecting for water damage lets us know where to focus our efforts to restore your home as quickly as possible. Without the inspection and assessment, you might be oblivious to the extent and class of damage that has occurred on your property. You might also be unaware of hidden areas of water damages.

Who Assesses Water Damage?

You might be thinking, “How do I check for water damage?” While this is valid, and we encourage you to learn how to check for it, it takes a professional to truly determine the harm brought about by water. The reason is that there are four classes of water damage ranging from class 1 to class 4, irrespective of whether it’s flood damage or just leaky pipes. Class 1 damage is mild, while class 4 is severe or critical, often referred to as “bound water.” Most materials with class 4 damage have to be replaced as they might be beyond repairs.

As a non-professional, you are most likely unskilled in distinguishing between these classes of damage. So if you suspect or realize your home might be damaged by water to any degree, call us. We’ll be there as swiftly as possible to inspect and determine the extent of harm to your property and belongings.

Areas of Your Property the Inspection Covers

We carefully assess every area of your house and all your properties for water damage. While inspecting your property, we review and evaluate your drywall, furniture, basement, walls, floors, your building’s structure, and more. We also examine the sources and appliances in your home that can bring about damage by water. These include burst pipes, toilets (for sewage backup), washing machines, and more.

This thorough inspection will inform us of all the places that need water extraction, drying, and dehumidification. We might also accurately predict how long the drying process will take based on our findings.

While inspecting, we check for the category of the damage, which are clean water, greywater, and black water. This is besides classifying the damage into classes 1 to 4.

This inspection and assessment phases help formulate our decisions during the other stages of restoring your home to a healthy condition.

How We Perform Inspection and Assessment

We begin the inspection process by using advanced equipment such as water detectors and hygrometers. Standing water is easy to detect, but water that has been absorbed into materials might be more challenging. With this equipment, we can tell where there’s water damage and to what degree.

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Wondering if you have water damage? Our skilled team will inspect it for any signs of trouble! H2O Mold Remediation Gurus is a professional restoration contractor.

Damage can happen in the blink of an eye. And when it does, you’ll need to take steps to limit your losses before they have a chance to pile up. Get ahead of the game by using H2O Mold Remediation Gurus for water damage inspection and assessment. We’ll look over the damage, so you know what’s coming—and how much time, money, and effort stands between you and saving your home or property from devastation.

With our expertise, we provide a full report on all water damage found with corresponding costs ranging from essential services to rebuild, repair or replace entire areas affected by flooding or leaks (the final choice being yours). Additionally, we will remove hazardous materials, including mold spores that could cause health problems and bacterial growth that causes unpleasant smells.