West Floral Park is a small neighborhood in Santa Ana, California, with an adorable downtown area and beautiful floral gardens. It’s also close to several other neighborhoods that have more diversity and has a population of about 8,682 people.

The West Floral Park neighborhood in Santa Ana offers its residents an urban, suburban feel with plenty to do and see. There are many coffee shops for those who enjoy drinking them while walking their dogs or running errands during their break from work; there are also parks where you can take your kids if they want some fresh air.

West Floral Park is a progressive, liberal haven for families and young professionals. The public schools in this area are highly rated by parents who want their kids to grow up with the same values they themselves hold dear- honesty, compassion towards others which can only happen if you’re exposed from an early age, not just what’s taught at school but also through our daily lives outside of education as well such social media posts or conversations we have with friends.

The West Floral Park is a Santa Ana neighborhood with an excellent livability score, and it’s the second-ranked neighborhood in this city. It also ranks better than 60% of its surrounding areas, making it one tough location to beat. Its strong points include its location in close proximity to most amenities, but it also does well when considering how walkable this area can be for those who want more exercise or outdoor activity alongside their daily commute via foot. Bike lanes are available throughout much of the city too.

In West Floral Park, the cost of living is 8% higher than the Santa Ana average and 53% higher than the U.S. average. The difference between housing prices here and nationwide can be overwhelming, but that might not matter in case you’re looking to get away from city life for a while; housing is 146% higher than the U.S. average.

West Floral Park is a safe haven for those who live there. The crime rates are 40% lower than the national average, and violent crimes also happen 38% less often, giving you one chance out of 72 to become victims in this cozy neighborhood in Santa Ana.

The West Floral Park area is a wonderful place to live, with an income per capita that’s 11% lower than the national average. The median household incomes here are 39% higher than the U.S. average, and male median earnings exceed female counterparts by 41%.