Westside Costa Mesa is a name that has been given to the area just north of Newport Beach and west in central Santa Ana. This part includes many original homes built during World War II or before this period. It also shares its borders with other cities like Laguna Beach to the south.

When you drive down 19th Street, much of the area was originally zoned for industrial use and contained many buildings that remain when this part of town did indeed have active factories. However, westward into more residential areas, there are often company locations.

So far, the City of Costa Mesa’s redevelopment plan for this area is most notable and innovative. The scope extends beyond revitalizing an already established neighborhood with new housing units. They’re looking into adding live and work concepts too. The revamp would help those who want more than their prebuilt home can offer them in terms of amenities like shopping or entertainment venues nearby by foot or other modes.

There are many different neighborhoods on the west side of Los Angeles. Some examples include Freedom Homes, which is older and charming with trees on every street corner. Canyon Park area has tall palm trees that give it an airy feeling for those looking to live somewhere more serene than downtown Los Angeles.

The gorgeous views from the townhomes and condos along Pacific Avenue are worth taking a moment to appreciate. The bluffs that they’re perched upon giving you a great perspective on what is possible when it comes time for your next big adventure, whether it’s exploring Huntington Beach or just relaxing at home with some waves coming in through those wide-open windows.

There’s no shortage of amenities in this town. There are plenty to choose from, including clothing companies like Hurley Surf Wear or Volcom – which has stores all over the place. You’ll also find popular restaurants such as Big Belly Deli downtown near Whole Foods Market, where you can get your meal delivered. Not only do they have many places suited for food lovers, but residents love how walkable these locations tend to be, thanks mainly to their location.

Westside Costa Mesa has some of the best parklands in this area. The Talbert Regional Nature Preserve is well worth a long walk-through on any fall day, and it’s a fantastic example of nature here. When you find yourself in Costa Mesa, don’t miss out on the beauty of Canyon Park. The most unknown and prettiest of all these parks here will surprise even those who come looking for it.

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